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Team Sponsor Banner

Our team sponsor banners are a great way to raise funds for your team. They're easy to set up and take down. Bring them to each game and display your proud sponsors!


Our standard banner price includes 1 hour of design, premium banner stand hardware and printing.


*PLEASE NOTE:   Shipping for this product is additional and would be custom quoted.

Team Sponsor Banner

  • Once all of your sponsor logos have been collected, please send them through one of the following methods:

    (1) You may upload all the photos to Google Drive. The shareable link may be emailed to

    (2) You may upload all the photos directly to

    In each case, if your team will be using different sponsor tiers, please categorize them in their appropriate folders (ie: bronze, silver, gold etc). Please provide the best quality version you can find, in a standard file format. The better the file is, the better it will appear on the banner.

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